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Issue 1,  Volume 35, 1996 (Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis. Facultas Rerum Naturalium. Mathematica)

7-20 On the method of Esclangon.  Andres, Ján; Turský, Tomáš
21-24 On a classification of almost geodesic mappings of affine connection spaces.  Berezovskij, Vladimir; Mikeš, Josef
25-38 Comparison of MINQUE and LMVQUIE by simulation.  Bognárová, Marta; Kubáček, Lubomír; Volaufová, Júlia
39-42 Regularity and permutability via transferability of tolerances.  Chajda, Ivan
43-45 Congruence semimodularity of conservative groupoids.  Chajda, Ivan
47-51 Sylvester theorem for certain free modules.  Jukl, Marek
53-60 Simple balanced groupoids.  Kepka, Tomáš; Němec, Petr
61-72 Quartic and biquartic interpolatory splines on simple grid.  Kobza, Jiří
73-82 Optimal control of a system governed by Petrowsky type equation with an infinite number of variables.  Kotarski, Wiesław
83-102 Estimation in multiepoch regression models with different structures for studying recent crustal movements.  Kubáčková, Ludmila; Kubáček, Lubomír
103-119 On some boundary value problems for ordinary linear differential equations of second order in the Colombeau algebra.  Ligęza, Jan
121-129 Homomorphisms of contexts and isomorphisms of concept lattices.  Machala, František; Pomp, Marek
131-135 On automorphisms of the lattice of quasivarieties of lattice-ordered groups.  Medvedev, Nikolaj Ja.
137-148 Some matrix inequalities of London type.  Mond, Bertrand; Pečarić, Josip E.
149-158 Solvability of nonlinear functional boundary value problems.  Staněk, Svatoslav
159-166 Even order differential equations with measures as coefficients.  Sztaba, Urszula
167-176 Information analysis in variant I of probabilistic model of the school achievement test with double choice response.  Tesaříková, Eva
177-188 Some remarks on polynomial structures.  Vanžurová, Alena
189-198 Locally best linear-quadratic estimators.  Wimmer, Gejza
199-214 Periodic solutions of linear differential equations with measures as coefficients.  Wyderka, Zdzisław
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