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Issue 2,  Volume 43, 1993 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

193-204 Cyclic extensions of the Medvedev ordered groups.  Darnel, Michael R.
205-219 Constante de Cheeger et première valeur propre non nulle du Laplacien d’un graphe de petite dimension.  Boillat, J. E.
221-223 Closed bounded sets in inductive limits of $\Cal K$-spaces.  Bosch, Carlos; Kučera, Jan
225-240 Partial monounary algebras with common closed quasi-endomorphisms.  Halušková, Emília; Studenovská, Danica
241-248 Local properties and upper embeddability of connected multigraphs.  Nebeský, Ladislav
249-263 Cyclic ordered groups and MV-algebras.  Gluschankof, Daniel
265-269 Dimension and attached primes of an Artinian module.  Tiraş, Yücel
271-280 Metrization of uniform lattices.  Weber, Hans
281-284 Subcoherent algebras.  Duda, Jaromír
285-308 Weighted Friedrichs inequalities in amalgams.  Heinig, Hans P.; Kufner, Alois
309-318 Complete retract mappings of a complete lattice ordered group.  Jakubík, Ján
319-326 On some discontinuous fixed point mappings in convex metric spaces.  Ćirić, Ljubomir
327-330 Every ${\rm M}\sb1$-integrable function is Pfeffer integrable.  Nonnenmacher, D. J. F.
331-337 Free algebras on a fixed set.  Žembery, Ivan
339-348 On a class of functional boundary value problems for second-order functional differential equations with parameter.  Staněk, Svatoslav
349-366 The Perron product integral in Lie groups.  Morales, Pedro
367-372 A note on joint capacities in Banach algebras.  Müller, Vladimír
373-382 On commuting isometries.  Horák, Karel; Müller, Vladimír
383 Correction to my paper: On integral normal bases over intermediary fields.  Kostra, Juraj
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