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Issue 1,  Volume 45, 2006 (Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis. Facultas Rerum Naturalium. Mathematica)

7-29 Almost-periodic solutions in various metrics of higher-order differential equations with a nonlinear restoring term.  Andres, Jan; Bersani, Alberto Maria; Radová, Lenka
31-34 $2-(n^2, 2n, 2n-1)$ designs obtained from affine planes.  Caggegi, Andrea
35-41 Directoids with sectionally switching involutions.  Chajda, Ivan
43-51 A decomposition of homomorphic images of nearlattices.  Chajda, Ivan; Kolařík, Miroslav
53-56 Direct decompositions and basic subgroups in commutative group rings.  Danchev, P. V.
57-66 Two different however equivalent methods for derivation of estimators of parameters in deformation measurements.  Exnerová, Lucie
67-80 Inversion of $3\times 3$ partitioned matrices in investigation of the twoepoch linear model with the nuisance parameters.  Hron, Karel
81-88 Some stability theorems for some iteration processes.  Imoru, C. O.; Olatinwo, M. O.
89-101 Variance components and nonlinearity.  Kubáček, Lubomír; Tesaříková, Eva
103-108 Dually residuated $\ell$-monoids having no non-trivial convex subalgebras.  Kühr, Jan
109-118 Linear model with nuisance parameters and with constraints on useful and nuisance parameters.  Kunderová, Pavla; Marek, Jaroslav
119-134 On the existence of one-signed periodic solutions of some differential equations of second order.  Ligęza, Jan
135-141 On applications of the Yano–Ako operator.  Magden, A.; Salimov, A. A.
143-152 Density of a family of linear varietes.  Raguso, Grazia; Rella, Luigia
153-158 Additive closure operators on abelian unital $l$-groups.  Švrček, Filip
159-173 Uncertainty of coordinates and looking for dispersion of GPS receiver.  Tuček, Pavel; Marek, Jaroslav
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