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Issue 4,  Volume 62, 2012 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

869-878 The $M_\alpha $ and $C$-integrals.  Park, Jae Myung; Ryu, Hyung Won; Lee, Hoe Kyoung; Lee, Deuk Ho
879-887 On nonuniform dichotomy for stochastic skew-evolution semiflows in Hilbert spaces.  Stoica, Diana; Megan, Mihail
889-900 On co-ordinated quasi-convex functions.  Özdemir, M. Emin; Akdemir, Ahmet Ocak; Yıldız, Çetin
901-917 Essential normality for certain finite linear combinations of linear-fractional composition operators on the Hardy space $H^{2}$.  Fatehi, Mahsa; Robati, Bahram Khani
919-936 Julia lines of general random Dirichlet series.  Jin, Qiyu; Deng, Guantie; Sun, Daochun
937-949 Natural diagonal Riemannian almost product and para-Hermitian cotangent bundles.  Druţă-Romaniuc, Simona-Luiza
951-967 Impulsive boundary value problems for $p(t)$-Laplacian's via critical point theory.  Galewski, Marek; O'Regan, Donal
969-989 Smoothness for the collision local time of two multidimensional bifractional Brownian motions.  Shen, Guangjun; Yan, Litan; Chen, Chao
991-1001 An identity involving Dedekind sums and generalized Kloosterman sums.  Huan, Le; Wang, Jingzhe; Wang, Tingting
1003-1009 Convex domination in the composition and Cartesian product of graphs.  Labendia, Mhelmar A.; Canoy, Sergio R. Jr.
1011-1032 Equation $f(p(x)) = q(f(x))$ for given real functions $p$, $q$.  Kopeček, Oldřich
1033-1053 On the dimension of the solution set to the homogeneous linear functional differential equation of the first order.  Domoshnitsky, Alexander; Hakl, Robert; Půža, Bedřich
1055-1072 On almost pseudo-conformally symmetric Ricci-recurrent manifolds with applications to relativity.  Chand De, Uday; De, Avik
1073-1083 Ideal convergence and divergence of nets in $(\ell )$-groups.  Boccuto, Antonio; Dimitriou, Xenofon; Papanastassiou, Nikolaos
1085-1100 Decomposition of $\ell $-group-valued measures.  Barbieri, Giuseppina; Valente, Antonietta; Weber, Hans
1101-1116 Finite spectra and quasinilpotent equivalence in Banach algebras.  Brits, Rudi M.; Raubenheimer, Heinrich
1117-1134 Some graphs determined by their (signless) Laplacian spectra.  Liu, Muhuo
1135-1146 On a kind of generalized Lehmer problem.  Ma, Rong; Zhang, Yulong
1147-1159 Generalized Knopp identities for homogeneous Hardy sums and Cochrane-Hardy sums.  Liu, Huaning; Gao, Jing
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