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Issue 3,  Volume 62, 2012 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

581-591 The AP-Denjoy and AP-Henstock integrals revisited.  Skvortsov, Valentin A.; Sworowski, Piotr
593-612 Existence of one-signed solutions of nonlinear four-point boundary value problems.  Ma, Ruyun; Chen, Ruipeng
613-623 A note on the transcendence of infinite products.  Hančl, Jaroslav; Kolouch, Ondřej; Pulcerová, Simona; Štěpnička, Jan
625-635 On the $H^{p}$-$L^{q}$ boundedness of some fractional integral operators.  Rocha, Pablo; Urciuolo, M.
637-644 Contractible edges in some $k$-connected graphs.  Yang, Yingqiu; Sun, Liang
645-654 The diophantine equation $x^2+2^a\cdot 17^b=y^n$.  Gou, Su; Wang, Tingting
655-661 Second moments of Dirichlet $L$-functions weighted by Kloosterman sums.  Wang, Tingting
663-672 $k$-torsionless modules with finite Gorenstein dimension.  Salimi, Maryam; Tavasoli, Elham; Yassemi, Siamak
673-693 $M(r,s)$-ideals of compact operators.  Haller, Rainis; Johanson, Marje; Oja, Eve
695-708 Differences of weighted composition operators from Hardy space to weighted-type spaces on the unit ball.  Zhou, Ze-Hua; Liang, Yu-Xia
709-716 An embedding theorem for a weighted space of Sobolev type and correct solvability of the Sturm-Liouville equation.  Chernyavskaya, Nina A.; Shuster, Leonid A.
717-727 Variable Lebesgue norm estimates for BMO functions.  Izuki, Mitsuo; Sawano, Yoshihiro
729-742 A generalization of amenability and inner amenability of groups.  Ghaffari, Ali
743-785 On generalized Moser-Trudinger inequalities without boundary condition.  Černý, Robert
787-793 Sum and difference sets containing integer powers.  Yang, Quan-Hui; Wu, Jian-Dong
795-809 Diversity in monoids.  Maney, Jack; Ponomarenko, Vadim
811-827 Diversity in inside factorial monoids.  Krause, Ulrich; Maney, Jack; Ponomarenko, Vadim
829-848 The Kurzweil-Henstock theory of stochastic integration.  Toh, Tin-Lam; Chew, Tuan-Seng
849-861 Real hypersurfaces in complex two-plane Grassmannians with certain commuting condition.  Lee, Hyunjin; Kim, Seonhui; Suh, Young Jin
863-867 A Havel-Hakimi type procedure and a sufficient condition for a sequence to be potentially $S_{r,s}$-graphic.  Yin, Jian-Hua
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