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Issue 5,  Volume 51, 2015 (Kybernetika)

725-738 On limiting towards the boundaries of exponential families.  Matúš, František
739-746 Remarks on effect-tribes.  Pulmannová, Sylvia; Vinceková, Elena
747-764 Poset-valued preference relations.  Janiš, Vladimír; Montes, Susana; Šešelja, Branimir; Tepavčević, Andreja
765-783 Generalized versions of MV-algebraic central limit theorems.  Nowak, Piotr; Hryniewicz, Olgierd
784-799 Synchronization of two coupled Hindmarsh-Rose neurons.  Ding, Ke; Han, Qing-Long
800-813 Stability analysis and absolute synchronization of a three-unit delayed neural network.  Wang, Lin Jun; Xie, You Xiang; Wei, Zhou Chao; Peng, Jian
814-829 Distributed $H_{\infty }$ estimation for moving target under switching multi-agent network.  Chen, Hu; Weiwei, Qin; Bing, He; Gang, Liu
830-855 On some relaxations commonly used in the study of linear systems.  Bachelier, Olivier; Mehdi, Driss
856-873 Sum-of-squares based observer design for polynomial systems with a known fixed time delay.  Rehák, Branislav
874-889 Output feedback regulation for large-scale uncertain nonlinear systems with time delays.  Liu, Shutang; Yu, Weiyong; Zhang, Fangfang
890-908 Solving a class of non-convex quadratic problems based on generalized KKT conditions and neurodynamic optimization technique.  Malek, Alaeddin; Hosseinipour-Mahani, Najmeh
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