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Issue 6,  Volume 51, 2015 (Kybernetika)

909-922 Rank tests in regression model based on minimum distance estimates.  Navrátil, Radim
923-932 Bootstrap method for central and intermediate order statistics under power normalization.  Barakat, H. M.; Nigm, E. M.; Khaled, O. M.
933-959 Compound geometric and Poisson models.  Hakamipour, Nooshin; Rezaei, Sadegh; Nadarajah, Saralees
960-972 Further study on complete convergence for weighted sums of arrays of rowwise asymptotically almost negatively associated random variables.  Huang, Haiwu; Zhang, Hanjun; Zhang, Qingxia; Peng, Jiangyan
973-993 Exponential smoothing based on L-estimation.  Bejda, Přemysl; Cipra, Tomáš
994-1022 Some issues of fuzzy querying in relational databases.  Hudec, Miroslav; Vučetić, Miljan
1023-1034 Necessary conditions for vector optimization in infinite dimension.  Dvorská, Marie; Pastor, Karel
1035-1048 A new LMI-based robust finite-time sliding mode control strategy for a class of uncertain nonlinear systems.  Mobayen, Saleh; Tchier, Fairouz
1049-1067 Finite-time tracking control of multiple nonholonomic mobile robots with external disturbances.  Ou, Meiying; Gu, Shengwei; Wang, Xianbing; Dong, Kexiu
1068-1083 Synchronization of fractional-order chaotic systems with multiple delays by a new approach.  Hu, Jianbing; Wei, Hua; Zhao, Lingdong
1084-1100 Stability analysis of a three-dimensional energy demand-supply system under delayed feedback control.  Yang, Kun-Yi; Zhang, Ling-Li; Zhang, Jie
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