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Issue 1,  Volume 57, 2016 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

1-6 On matrix Lie rings over a commutative ring that contain the special linear Lie ring.  Bashkirov, Evgenii L.; Pekönür, Esra
7-20 Separable $\aleph_k$-free modules with almost trivial dual.  Herden, Daniel; Pedroza, Héctor Gabriel Salazar
21-37 Differences of two semiconvex functions on the real line.  Kryštof, Václav; Zajíček, Luděk
39-49 A characterization of complex $L_1$-preduals via a complex barycentric mapping.  Petráček, Petr; Spurný, Jiří
51-61 Mechanical oscillators with dampers defined by implicit constitutive relations.  Pražák, Dalibor; Rajagopal, Kumbakonam R.
63-71 Normability of gamma spaces.  Soudský, Filip
73-82 On $n$-thin dense sets in powers of topological spaces.  Bartoš, Adam
83-88 The Rothberger property on $C_p(\Psi(\mathcal A),2)$.  Bernal-Santos, Daniel
89-95 Selections and approaching points in products.  Gutev, Valentin
97-101 A continuum $X$ such that $C(X)$ is not continuously homogeneous.  Illanes, Alejandro
103-122 Diagonals of separately continuous functions of $n$ variables with values in strongly $\sigma$-metrizable spaces.  Karlova, Olena; Mykhaylyuk, Volodymyr; Sobchuk, Oleksandr
123-129 Notes on strongly Whyburn spaces.  Sakai, Masami
131-134 Some results on spaces with $\aleph_1$-calibre.  Xuan, Wei-Feng; Shi, Wei-Xue
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