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Issue 2,  Volume 141, 2016 (Mathematica Bohemica)

115-127 Ninety years of Jaroslav Kurzweil.  Jarník, Jiří; Krejčí, Pavel; Slavík, Antonín; Tvrdý, Milan; Vrkoč, Ivo
129-142 On Henstock-Kurzweil method to Stratonovich integral.  Yang, Haifeng; Toh, Tin Lam
143-151 Averaging for ordinary differential equations perturbed by a small parameter.  Lakrib, Mustapha; Kherraz, Tahar; Bourada, Amel
153-168 On the double Lusin condition and convergence theorem for Kurzweil-Henstock type integrals.  Racca, Abraham; Cabral, Emmanuel
169-182 Oscillation properties for a scalar linear difference equation of mixed type.  Berezansky, Leonid; Pinelas, Sandra
183-215 On the opial type criterion for the well-posedness of the Cauchy problem for linear systems of generalized ordinary differential equations.  Ashordia, Malkhaz
217-237 Henstock-Kurzweil integral on ${\rm BV}$ sets.  Malý, Jan; Pfeffer, Washek F.
239-259 Couples of lower and upper slopes and resonant second order ordinary differential equations with nonlocal boundary conditions.  Mawhin, Jean; Szymańska-Dębowska, Katarzyna
261-286 The Kurzweil integral in financial market modeling.  Krejčí, Pavel; Lamba, Harbir; Monteiro, Giselle Antunes; Rachinskii, Dmitrii
287-296 Variational Henstock integrability of Banach space valued functions.  Di Piazza, Luisa; Marraffa, Valeria; Musiał, Kazimierz
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