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Issue 3,  Volume 59, 2018 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

271-276 The small Ree group $^{2}G_{2}(3^{2n+1})$ and related graph.  Asboei, Alireza K.; Amiri, Seyed S. S.
277-283 Iterated arc graphs.  Rorabaugh, Danny; Tardif, Claude; Wehlau, David; Zaguia, Imed
285-309 On certain non-constructive properties of infinite-dimensional vector spaces.  Tachtsis, Eleftherios
311-316 More remarks on the intersection ideal ${\mathcal{M}}\cap {\mathcal{N}}$.  Weiss, Tomasz
317-325 Norm inequalities in weighted amalgam.  Kumar, Suket
327-342 Optimal control of a frictionless contact problem with normal compliance.  Touzaline, Arezki
343-364 Making holes in the cone, suspension and hyperspaces of some continua.  Anaya, José G.; Castañeda-Alvarado, Enrique; Oca, Alejandro Fuentes-Montes de; Orozco-Zitli, Fernando
365-370 Classification of spaces of continuous functions on ordinals.  Genze, Leonid V.; Gul'ko, Sergei P.; Khmyleva, Tat'ana E.
371-381 On pseudocompactness and related notions in ZF.  Keremedis, Kyriakos
383-390 On the mappings ${\mathcal Z}_A$ and $\Im_A$ in intermediate rings of $C(X)$.  Parsinia, Mehdi
391-398 Monotonically normal $e$-separable spaces may not be perfect.  Porter, John E.
399-409 A nice subclass of functionally countable spaces.  Tkachuk, Vladimir V.
411-411 Corrigendum to ``Isometric embeddings of a class of separable metric spaces into Banach spaces''.  Mercourakis, Sophocles K.; Vassiliadis, Georgios
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