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Issue 4,  Volume 59, 2018 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

413-414 Preface.  Hrušák, Michael; Chodounský, David; Jech, Thomas
415-421 The life and work of Bohuslav Balcar (1943--2017).  Bukovský, Lev; Jech, Thomas; Simon, Petr
423-442 On continuous self-maps and homeomorphisms of the Golomb space.  Banakh, Taras; Mioduszewski, Jerzy; Turek, Sławomir
443-449 Balcar's theorem on supports.  Bukovský, Lev
451-466 Asymmetric tie-points and almost clopen subsets of $\mathbb {N}^*$.  Dow, Alan; Shelah, Saharon
467-485 Finitely-additive, countably-additive and internal probability measures.  Duanmu, Haosui; Weiss, William
487-493 The nonexistence of universal metric flows.  Geschke, Stefan
495-501 Homogeneity and rigidity in Erdös spaces.  Hart, Klaas P.; van Mill, Jan
503-511 Convergence and submeasures in Boolean algebras.  Jech, Thomas
513-521 On maps preserving connectedness and/or compactness.  Juhász, István; van Mill, Jan
523-529 Coloring Cantor sets and resolvability of pseudocompact spaces.  Juhász, István; Soukup, Lajos; Szentmiklóssy, Zoltán
531-540 Separating equivalence classes.  Zapletal, Jindřich
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