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Issue 3,  Volume 54, 2018 (Kybernetika)

413-426 {\bf X}-simplicity of interval max-min matrices.  Plavka, Ján; Berežný, Štefan
427-442 On a special class of left-continuous uninorms.  Li, Gang
443-475 On ideals in De Morgan residuated lattices.  Holdon, Liviu-Constantin
476-495 Smooth super twisting sliding mode based steering control for nonholonomic systems transformable into chained form.  Abbasi, Waseem; ur Rehman, Fazal; Shah, Ibrahim
496-521 Converse theorem for practical stability of nonlinear impulsive systems and applications.  Ghanmi, Boulbaba; Dlala, Mohsen; Hammami, Mohamed Ali
522-541 The dynamic behaviors of a new impulsive predator prey model with impulsive control at different fixed moments.  Wang, Lin Jun; Xie, You Xiang; Deng, Qi Cheng
542-556 Multi-agent network flows that solve linear complementarity problems.  Liang, Shu; Zeng, Xianlin
557-575 Routh-type $L_2$ model reduction revisited.  Krajewski, Wiesław; Viaro, Umberto
576-592 Upper bound estimation of the spectral abscissa for switched linear systems via coordinate transformations.  Lin, Meili; Sun, Zhendong
593-609 Design of robust gain scheduled controller using $L_2$ gain performance.  Veselý, Vojtech; Ernek, Martin
610-628 Meta-optimization of bio-inspired algorithms for antenna array design.  Zúñiga-Grajeda, Virgilio; Coronado-Mendoza, Alberto; Gurubel-Tun, Kelly Joel
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