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Issue 1,  Volume 69, 2019 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

1-10 Sums of multiplicative function in special arithmetic progressions.  Feng, Bin
11-24 On $\sigma $-permutably embedded subgroups of finite groups.  Cao, Chenchen; Zhang, Li; Guo, Wenbin
25-37 The size of the Lerch zeta-function at places symmetric with respect to the line $\Re (s)=1/2$.  Garunkštis, Ramūnas; Grigutis, Andrius
39-43 On weakly-supplemented subgroups of finite groups.  Kong, Qingjun
45-53 A remark on weak McShane integral.  Yoshitomi, Kazushi
55-73 $n$-strongly Gorenstein graded modules.  Gao, Zenghui; Peng, Jie
75-86 Cominimaxness of local cohomology modules.  Aghapournahr, Moharram
87-92 Note on strongly nil clean elements in rings.  Kostić, Aleksandra; Petrović, Zoran Z.; Pucanović, Zoran S.; Roslavcev, Maja
93-97 A note on a conjecture on niche hypergraphs.  Kaemawichanurat, Pawaton; Jiarasuksakun, Thiradet
99-116 On Kneser solutions of the $n$-th order nonlinear differential inclusions.  Pavlačková, Martina
117-129 Gorenstein projective complexes with respect to cotorsion pairs.  Zhao, Renyu; Ma, Pengju
131-159 Littlewood-Paley characterization of Hölder-Zygmund spaces on stratified Lie groups.  Hu, Guorong
161-171 Torsion groups of a family of elliptic curves over number fields.  Dey, Pallab Kanti
173-181 Finite $p$-groups with exactly two nonlinear non-faithful irreducible characters.  Li, Yali; Chen, Xiaoyou; Li, Huimin
183-195 Finite distortion functions and Douglas-Dirichlet functionals.  Shi, Qingtian
197-205 Nil-clean and unit-regular elements in certain subrings of ${\mathbb M}_2(\mathbb Z)$.  Wu, Yansheng; Tang, Gaohua; Deng, Guixin; Zhou, Yiqiang
207-223 Boundedness of generalized fractional integral operators on Orlicz spaces near $L^1$ over metric measure spaces.  Hashimoto, Daiki; Ohno, Takao; Shimomura, Tetsu
225-234 Annihilators of local homology modules.  Rezaei, Shahram
235-255 The dyadic fractional diffusion kernel as a central limit.  Aimar, Hugo; Gómez, Ivana; Morana, Federico
257-273 Higher order Riesz transforms for the Dunkl Ornstein-Uhlenbeck operator.  Nefzi, Walid
275-293 Universal central extension of direct limits of Hom-Lie algebras.  Khalili, Valiollah
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