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Issue 3,  Volume 56, 2020 (Archivum Mathematicum)

127-140 Locally functionally countable subalgebra of $\mathcal{R}(L)$.  Elyasi, M.; Estaji, A. A.; Robat Sarpoushi, M.
141-152 Bounds for the counting function of the Jordan-Pólya numbers.  De Koninck, Jean-Marie; Doyon, Nicolas; Razafindrasoanaivolala, A. Arthur Bonkli; Verreault, William
153-170 Modular Classes of Q-Manifolds, Part II: Riemannian Structures $\&$ Odd Killing Vectors Fields.  Bruce, Andrew James
171-182 The reduced ideals of a special order in a pure cubic number field.  Azizi, Abdelmalek; Benamara, Jamal; Ismaili, Moulay Chrif; Talbi, Mohammed
183-197 Norm inequalities for the difference between weighted and integral means of operator differentiable functions.  Dragomir, Silvestru Sever
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