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Issue 4,  Volume 72, 2022 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

927-934 Unimodular rows over Laurent polynomial rings.  Mnif, Abdessalem; Amidou, Morou
935-955 Interpolation spaces and weighted pseudo almost automorphic solutions to parabolic equations and applications to fluid dynamics.  Nguyen, Thieu Huy; Vu, Thi Ngoc Ha; Le, The Sac; Pham, Truong Xuan
957-976 Weighted Erdős-Kac type theorem over quadratic field in short intervals.  Liu, Xiaoli; Yang, Zhishan
977-988 Semi $n$-ideals of commutative rings.  Yetkin Çelikel, Ece; Khashan, Hani A.
989-1002 On the invariance of certain types of generalized Cohen-Macaulay modules under Foxby equivalence.  Abolfath Beigi, Kosar; Divaani-Aazar, Kamran; Tousi, Massoud
1003-1017 Restricted weak type inequalities for the one-sided Hardy-Littlewood maximal operator in higher dimensions.  Berra, Fabio
1019-1028 Classification of ideals of $8$-dimensional Radford Hopf algebra.  Wang, Yu
1029-1044 Isomorphisms between graded Frobenius algebras constructed from twisted superpotentials.  Xia, Xuejun; Li, Libin
1045-1046 A note on weakly-supplemented subgroups and the solvability of finite groups.  Liang, Xin; Xu, Baiyan
1047-1054 A quadratic form with prime variables associated with Hecke eigenvalues of a cusp form.  Hua, Guodong
1055-1064 On higher moments of Hecke eigenvalues attached to cusp forms.  Hua, Guodong
1065-1079 On supercharacter theoretic generalizations of monomial groups and Artin's conjecture.  Cimpoeaş, Mircea; Radu, Alexandru
1081-1087 On sharp characters of type $\{ -1,0,2 \}$.  Abdollahi, Alireza; Bagherian, Javad; Ebrahimi, Mahdi; Khatami, Maryam; Shahbazi, Zahra; Sobhani, Reza
1089-1104 On the higher power moments of cusp form coefficients over sums of two squares.  Hua, Guodong
1105-1119 On ternary quadratic forms over the rational numbers.  Jafari, Amir; Rostamkhani, Farhood
1121-1131 The John-Nirenberg inequality for functions of bounded mean oscillation with bounded negative part.  Hu, Min; Wang, Dinghuai
1133-1144 On quasi $n$-ideals of commutative rings.  Anebri, Adam; Mahdou, Najib; Aslankarayiğit Uğurlu, Emel
1145-1156 On the structure of the 2-Iwasawa module of some number fields of degree 16.  Jerrari, Idriss; Azizi, Abdelmalek
1157-1166 On the quasi-periodic $p$-adic Ruban continued fractions.  Ammous, Basma; Ben Mahmoud, Nour; Hbaib, Mohamed
1167-1174 On an additive problem of unlike powers in short intervals.  Zhang, Qingqing
1175-1182 Rings generalized by tripotents and nilpotents.  Chen, Huanyin; Sheibani, Marjan; Ashrafi, Nahid
1183-1189 Truncations of Gauss' square exponent theorem.  Liu, Ji-Cai; Zhao, Shan-Shan
1191-1204 On the classification of $3$-dimensional $F$-manifold algebras.  Chen, Zhiqi; Li, Jifu; Ding, Ming
1205-1216 Carleson measures for weighted harmonic mixed norm spaces on bounded domains in $\mathbb {R}^n$.  Savković, Ivana
1217-1226 Certain additive decompositions in a noncommutative ring.  Chen, Huanyin; Sheibani, Marjan; Bahmani, Rahman
1227-1238 Quasi-tree graphs with the minimal Sombor indices.  Li, Yibo; Liu, Huiqing; Zhang, Ruiting
1239-1248 On some combinatorial properties of generalized commutative Jacobsthal quaternions and generalized commutative Jacobsthal-Lucas quaternions.  Bród, Dorota; Szynal-Liana, Anetta; Włoch, Iwona
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