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Toposym 1

General Topology and its Relations to Modern Analysis and Algebra
Proceedings of the symposium held in Prague in September 1961

Organized by: Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences; International Mathematical Union
Venue: Prague, 1961

Publisher: Academia Publishing House of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague, 1962

MR0146784 | Zbl 0111.35001
MSC: 00B25, 54-06, 54.00

Table of Contents

[5] Foreword.  
[7]-12 From the report of the organizing committee.  
[13] List of foreign participants.  
[14] List of Czechoslovak participants.  
[15]-17 List of communications.  
[18]-19 Scientific sessions.  
[23]-25 Commemoration of Eduard Čech.  Katětov, M.
26-28 Commemoration of Eduard Čech.  Stone, M. H.
29-30 Commemoration of Eduard Čech.  Alexandroff, P.
31-32 À la mémoire de Eduard Čech.  Kuratowski, K.
[35]-40 Certaines classes de distributions quasi-analytiques au sens de S. Bernstein.  Akutowicz, E. J.
41-54 On some results concerning topological spaces and their continuous mappings.  Alexandroff, P.
55-58 Homeomorphisms of 2-dimensional continua.  Anderson, R. D.
[59]-63 Méthodes topologiques dans la théorie des surfaces de Riemann.  Andreian-Cazacu, C.
[64]-68 Метрические пространства над полуполями.  Antonovskij, M.
[69]-71 Completions of uniform spaces.  Aquaro, G.
[72]-74 Concerning the weight of topological spaces.  Arhangel'skii, Aleksander V.
75-78 A problem concerning locally-$A$ functions in a commutative Banach algebra $A$.  Arens, R.
[79]-86 Distinguished boundary sets in the theory of functions of two complex variables.  Bergman, S.
[87]-90 On the topological classification of complete linear metric spaces.  Bessaga, C.; Pełczyński, A.
91-95 Applications of the side approximation theorem for surfaces.  Bing, R. H.
[96]-105 Bemerkungen zum Kongressvortrag “Stetigkeitsbegriff und abstrakte Mengenlehre” von F. Riesz.  Bognár, M.
[106]-111 Топологические полуполя и их применения.  Boltjanskij, V.
[112]-114 On imbeddings of polyhedra into Euclidean spaces.  Boltjanski, V.
[115]-118 Concerning the dimension of ANR-sets.  Borsuk, K.
[119]-120 Darstellungen von Matrizengruppen über topologischen Körpern.  Boseck, H.
[121]-122 Arithmetisch-topologische Untersuchungen an Ringen mit eingeschränkten Minimalbedingungen.  Budach, L.; Grell, H.
[123]-132 On homology theory of non-closed sets.  Chogoshvili, G.
133-137 Complétion et compactification d'espaces syntopogènes.  Császár, Á.
138 Fixed-point theory on neighborhood retracts of convexoid spaces.  Deleanu, A.
139-141 Mappings of proximity structures.  Dowker, C. H.
142-145 Connexions between convexity of a metric continuum $X$ and convexity of its hyperspaces $C(X)$ and $2^X$.  Duda, R.
[146]-147 Two results concerning biconnected sets with dispersion points.  Duda, R.
[148]-151 On the topological product of discrete $\lambda$-compact spaces.  Erdös, P.; Hajnal, A.
[152]-154 Nulldimensionale Räume.  Flachsmeyer, J.
[155]-156 L'espace des courbes n'est qu'un semi-espace de Banach.  Fréchet, M.
[157]-173 A contribution to the descriptive theory of sets and spaces.  Frolík, Z.
174 Algebraic properties of function spaces.  Ganea, T.
175-176 Remote points in $\beta R$.  Gillman, L.
[177]-178 A notion of uniformity for $L$-spaces of Frechet.  Goetz, A.
179-186 Arithmetica topologica.  Golomb, S. W.
[187]-190 Eine natürliche Topologisierung der Potenzmenge eines topologischen Raumes.  Grimeisen, G.
[191]-193 Linearization of mappings.  de Groot, J.
194-195 Some relations between topological and algebraic properties of topological groups.  Hartman, S.
196-198 Topologische Untergruppenraüme.  Helmberg, G.
[199]-203 The space of minimal prime ideals of a commutative ring.  Henriksen, M.; Jerison, M.
[204]-210 Some applications of compactness in harmonic analysis.  Hewitt, E.
[211]-220 Remarks on transfinite diameters.  Hille, E.
[221]-225 Mazur's theorem.  Isbell, J. R.
226-229 On a category of spaces.  Katětov, M.
[230]-234 Некоторые теоремы о топологическом вложении.  Keldysh, L. V.
[235]-237 Descriptions of Čech cohomology.  Kelley, J. L.
[238]-249 Exotic topologies for linear spaces.  Klee, V.
[250]-251 Sur la représentation des transformations linéaires.  Kluvánek, I.
[252]-253 Bemerkungen über Intervalltopologie in halbgeordneten Mengen.  Kolibiar, M.
[254]-256 Modifications of topologies.  Koutský, K.; Sekanina, M.
[257] The space of mappings into the sphere and its topological applications.  Kuratowski, K.
[258]-259 On an inequality concerning Cartesian multiplication.  Kurepa, D.
260 On fixations of sets in Euclidean spaces.  Lelek, A.
[261]-266 Abstract distance and neighborhood spaces.  Mamuzić, Z.
[267]-269 Iterations of linear bounded operators and Kellogg's iterations.  Marek, I.
[270]-271 Collared sets.  Michael, E.
[272]-274 On two-to-one functions.  Mioduszewski, J.
275-276 Remarks on fixed point theorem for inverse limit spaces.  Mioduszewski, J.; Rochowski, M.
[277]-[278] Periodic homeomorphisms of the 3-sphere.  Moise, E.
[279]-281 On some spaces of functions and distributions.  Musielak, J.
282-285 On dimension and metrization.  Nagata, J.
286 Existence of universal connections.  Narasimhan, M. S.
[287]-291 Problème de l'analyticité par rapport à un opérateur linéaire dans une algèbre normée.  Nicolescu, M.
292-294 On the sequential envelope.  Novák, J.
295 Über gewisse Klassen von Modularraümen.  Orlicz, W.
[296]-297 Sur les images continues des continus ordonnés.  Papić, P.
298-300 Projection spectra and dimension.  Pasynkov, B.
301 Products of spaces by $[0,1]$.  Poenaru, V.
[302]-306 On paracompact spaces and related questions.  Ponomarev, V.
[307]-310 Probability measures on non-commutative semigroups.  Schwarz, Š.
311-315 Non-$F$-spaces.  Šedivá-Trnková, Věra
[316]-321 On division problems for partial differential equations with constant coefficients.  Shirota, T.
[322]-330 Applications of topology to foundations of mathematics.  Sikorski, R.
[331]-332 Basic sequences and reflexivity of Banach spaces.  Singer, I.
[333] On perfect compactifications of topological spaces.  Sklyarenko, E.
[334]-336 On dimensional properties of infinite-dimensional spaces.  Smirnov, Yu.
337-340 Semi-topology of transformation groups.  Solian, A.
[341]-342 Non-separable Borel sets.  Stone, A. H.
[343]-346 Topological aspects of conformal mapping theory.  Stone, M. H.
347-350 The boundary of the spectrum of a linear Operatoro.  Taylor, A. E.
351 Sur la structure de certains groupes topologiques.  Teleman, Constantin
[352]-353 Concerning infinite-dimensional spaces.  Tumarkin, L.
354-355 Dimension, category and $K(\Pi,n)$ spaces.  Varadarajan, K.
[356]-360 Relations on topological spaces.  Wallace, A. D.
361-363 Contents.  
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