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Issue 2,  Volume 62, 2012 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

293-304 Lower bound and upper bound of operators on block weighted sequence spaces.  Lashkaripour, Rahmatollah; Talebi, Gholomraza
305-333 Definability for equational theories of commutative groupoids.  Ježek, Jaroslav
335-346 Maximal regularity, the local inverse function theorem, and local well-posedness for the curve shortening flow.  Boussandel, Sahbi; Chill, Ralph; Fašangová, Eva
347-359 Weighted endpoint estimates for commutators of multilinear fractional integral operators.  Yan, Xuefang; Xue, Limei; Li, Wenming
361-379 On the completeness of the system $\{t^{\lambda _{n}}\log ^{m_{n}}t\}$ in $C_{0}(E)$.  Yang, Xiangdong
381-389 A note on the number of solutions of the generalized Ramanujan-Nagell equation $x^2-D=p^n$.  Zhao, Yuan-e; Wang, Tingting
391-440 On the Cauchy problem for linear hyperbolic functional-differential equations.  Lomtatidze, Alexander; Šremr, Jiří
441-451 The first Dirichlet eigenvalue of bicyclic graphs.  Zhang, Guang-Jun; Zhang, Xiao-Dong
453-468 An identity with generalized derivations on Lie ideals, right ideals and Banach algebras.  de Filippis, Vincenzo; Scudo, Giovanni; Tammam El-Sayiad, Mohammad S.
469-486 On the composition factors of a group with the same prime graph as $B_{n}(5)$.  Babai, Azam; Khosravi, Behrooz
487-494 On the Weilian prolongations of natural bundles.  Kolář, Ivan
495-503 Numerical range of operators acting on Banach spaces.  Jahedi, Khadijeh; Yousefi, Bahmann
505-515 Conditions under which the least compactification of a regular continuous frame is perfect.  Baboolal, Dharmanand
517-525 A characterization of Fuchsian groups acting on complex hyperbolic spaces.  Fu, Xi; Li, Liulan; Wang, Xiantao
527-539 Structure of cubic mapping graphs for the ring of Gaussian integers modulo $n$.  Wei, Yangjiang; Nan, Jizhu; Tang, Gaohua
541-556 On the heights of power digraphs modulo $n$.  Ahmad, Uzma; Syed, Husnine
557-566 Approximation properties of bivariate complex $q$-Bernstein polynomials in the case $q>1$.  Mahmudov, Nazim I.
567-580 Bounds for the (Laplacian) spectral radius of graphs with parameter $\alpha $.  Tian, Gui-Xian; Huang, Ting-Zhu
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