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Issue 1,  Volume 68, 2018 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

1-17 Graphs with small diameter determined by their $D$-spectra.  Liu, Ruifang; Xue, Jie
19-34 When a line graph associated to annihilating-ideal graph of a lattice is planar or projective.  Parsapour, Atossa; Ahmad Javaheri, Khadijeh
35-65 Fundamental groupoids of digraphs and graphs.  Grigor'yan, Alexander; Jimenez, Rolando; Muranov, Yuri
67-75 On short cycles in triangle-free oriented graphs.  Ji, Yurong; Wu, Shufei; Song, Hui
77-94 Two-weighted estimates for generalized fractional maximal operators on non-homogeneous spaces.  Pradolini, Gladis; Recchi, Jorgelina
95-119 Generalized derivations acting on multilinear polynomials in prime rings.  Dhara, Basudeb
121-130 Recognition of some families of finite simple groups by order and set of orders of vanishing elements.  Khatami, Maryam; Babai, Azam
131-139 Generalized outerplanar index of a graph.  Barati, Zahra
141-148 Group algebras whose groups of normalized units have exponent 4.  Bovdi, Victor; Salim, Mohammed
149-168 The exceptional set for Diophantine inequality with unlike powers of prime variables.  Ge, Wenxu; Zhao, Feng
169-193 A higher rank Selberg sieve and applications.  Vatwani, Akshaa
195-217 $L^p$ harmonic $1$-form on submanifold with weighted Poincaré inequality.  Chao, Xiaoli; Lv, Yusha
219-225 Serrin-type regularity criterion for the Navier-Stokes equations involving one velocity and one vorticity component.  Zhang, Zujin
227-241 A dispersion inequality in the Hankel setting.  Ghobber, Saifallah
243-255 Character Connes amenability of dual Banach algebras.  Ramezanpour, Mohammad
257-266 A characterization of reflexive spaces of operators.  Bračič, Janko; Oliveira, Lina
267-276 Representations of the general linear group over symmetry classes of polynomials.  Zamani, Yousef; Ranjbari, Mahin
277-291 On the maximal run-length function in the Lüroth expansion.  Sun, Yu; Xu, Jian
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