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Issue 3,  Volume 71, 2021 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

623-640 Generalized connectivity of some total graphs.  Li, Yinkui; Mao, Yaping; Wang, Zhao; Wei, Zongtian
641-654 Radial Minkowski additive operators.  Ji, Lewen
655-662 Finite groups with two rows which differ in only one entry in character tables.  Wang, Wenyang; Du, Ni
663-688 Localization and colocalization in tilting torsion theory for coalgebras.  Li, Yuan; Yao, Hailou
689-696 On the Diophantine equation $(2^x-1)(p^y-1)=2z^2$.  Tong, Ruizhou
697-708 Spanning trees whose reducible stems have a few branch vertices.  Ha, Pham Hoang; Hanh, Dang Dinh; Loan, Nguyen Thanh; Pham, Ngoc Diep
709-742 Unconditional uniqueness of higher order nonlinear Schrödinger equations.  Klaus, Friedrich; Kunstmann, Peer; Pattakos, Nikolaos
743-754 Row Hadamard majorization on ${\bf M}_{m,n}$.  Askarizadeh, Abbas; Armandnejad, Ali
755-764 $S$-depth on $ZD$-modules and local cohomology.  Lotfi Parsa, Morteza
765-784 Stability of certain Engel-like distributions.  Bhowmick, Aritra
785-802 The linear syzygy graph of a monomial ideal and linear resolutions.  Manouchehri, Erfan; Soleyman Jahan, Ali
803-816 Weak dimensions and Gorenstein weak dimensions of group rings.  Xiang, Yueming
817-822 On a Kleinecke-Shirokov theorem.  Lauric, Vasile
823-836 Algebraic properties of Toeplitz operators on weighted Bergman spaces.  Appuhamy, Amila
837-846 Finite groups with some SS-supplemented subgroups.  Jiang, Mengling; Liu, Jianjun
847-864 Monomial ideals with tiny squares and Freiman ideals.  Al-Ayyoub, Ibrahim; Nasernejad, Mehrdad
865-880 Morse-Bott functions with two critical values on a surface.  Gelbukh, Irina
881-890 Uniform regularity for an isentropic compressible MHD-$P1$ approximate model arising in radiation hydrodynamics.  Tang, Tong; Sun, Jianzhu
891-900 Ideal class (semi)groups and atomicity in Prüfer domains.  Hasenauer, Richard Erwin
901-932 The local index density of the perturbed de Rham complex.  Álvarez López, Jesús; Gilkey, Peter B.
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