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Issue 1,  Volume 29, 1990 (Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis. Facultas Rerum Naturalium. Mathematica)

11-22 Quasicomplemented semilattices.  Chajda, Ivan
23-33 Multiabbildungen und Anordnungen der Mengen.  Machala, František
35-43 On some modification of the Levinson operator and its application to a three-point boundary value problem.  Andres, Ján
45-64 Some properties of interpolating quadratic spline.  Kobza, Jiří
65-72 An approximative solution of the generalized eigenvalue problem.  Kojecký, Tomáš
73-82 Associated differential equation to a selfadjoint third-order linear differential equation.  Laitoch, Miroslav
83-91 Periodic boundary value problems for second order differential equations.  Rachůnková, Irena
93-105 Existence theorems for almost periodic solutions of first-order differential equations.  Staněk, Svatoslav
107-121 Three-point boundary value problem of retarded functional-differential equation of the second order with parameter.  Staněk, Svatoslav
123-163 To existence of the periodic solution of a third-order nonlinear differential equation.  Vlček, Vladimír
165-195 Note on existence of periodic solutions to the third-order nonlinear differential equation.  Vlček, Vladimír
197-206 The Sturm comparison theorem for $i$-conjugate numbers.  Laitochová, Jitka
207-230 To the theory of global transformation of the second order linear differential equations of finite type, special.  Tesaříková, Eva
231-241 A use of the Laplace method in differential equations.  Hančl, Jaroslav
243-267 Dynamic systems with the nonzero initial conditions excited by the Dirac function.  Beneš, Karel
269-282 Analog solution of a given problem in the back time.  Beneš, Karel
283-289 Data type polygon.  Drdla, Josef; Snášel, Václav
291,292-299 On related transducers.  Lisoněk, Petr
301-321 Propositional calculus proving methods in Prolog.  Štěpán, Jan
323-341 From history of geometry in education.  Molnár, Josef
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