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Issue 1,  Volume 64, 2014 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

1-10 Spectral radius inequalities for positive commutators.  Zima, Mirosława
11-29 Sur un problème de capitulation du corps $\mathbb {Q}(\sqrt {p_1p_2},\rm i)$ dont le $2$-groupe de classes est élémentaire.  Azizi, Abdelmalek; Zekhnini, Abdelkader; Taous, Mohammed
31-35 Counting graphs with different numbers of spanning trees through the counting of prime partitions.  Azarija, Jernej
37-43 Decomposition of complete graphs into $(0,2)$-prisms.  Cichacz, Sylwia; Dib, Soleh; Froncek, Dalibor
45-51 A De Bruijn-Erdős theorem for $1$-$2$ metric spaces.  Chvátal, Vašek
53-62 A hybrid mean value involving two-term exponential sums and polynomial character sums.  Di, Han
63-68 New bounds for the minimum eigenvalue of the Fan product of two $M$-matrices.  Cheng, Guanghui
69-78 A generalization of the finiteness problem of the local cohomology modules.  Abbasi, Ahmad; Roshan-Shekalgourabi, Hajar
79-90 Ideal CR submanifolds in non-flat complex space forms.  Sasahara, Toru
91-103 New results for EP matrices in indefinite inner product spaces.  Radojević, Ivana M.
105-114 Maximal distributional chaos of weighted shift operators on Köthe sequence spaces.  Wu, Xinxing
115-132 Congruence lattices in varieties with compact intersection property.  Krajník, Filip; Ploščica, Miroslav
133-148 Real hypersurfaces in complex two-plane Grassmannians with certain commuting condition II.  Lee, Hyunjin; Kim, Seonhui; Suh, Young Jin
149-157 Unit groups of group algebras of some small groups.  Tang, Gaohua; Wei, Yangjiang; Li, Yuanlin
159-171 Boundedness of Hardy-Littlewood maximal operator on block spaces with variable exponent.  Cheung, Ka Luen; Ho, Kwok-Pun
173-182 The influence of weakly-supplemented subgroups on the structure of finite groups.  Kong, Qingjun; Liu, Qingfeng
183-197 Commutators of the fractional maximal function on variable exponent Lebesgue spaces.  Zhang, Pu; Wu, Jianglong
199-208 The fundamental constituents of iteration digraphs of finite commutative rings.  Nan, Jizhu; Wei, Yangjiang; Tang, Gaohua
209-228 Sobolev embeddings for Riesz potentials of functions in grand Morrey spaces of variable exponents over non-doubling measure spaces.  Ohno, Takao; Shimomura, Tetsu
229-239 Directed pseudo-graphs and Lie algebras over finite fields.  Boza, Luis; Fedriani, Eugenio Manuel; Núñez, Juan; Pacheco, Ana María; Villar, María Trinidad
241-250 Fixed point results on a metric space endowed with a finite number of graphs and applications.  Argoubi, Hajer; Samet, Bessem; Turinici, Mihai
251-267 Ramanujan-Fourier series and the conjecture D of Hardy and Littlewood.  Gadiyar, H. Gopalakrishna; Padma, Ramanathan
269-283 The primitive Boolean matrices with the second largest scrambling index by Boolean rank.  Shao, Yanling; Gao, Yubin
285-287 Remark on inequalities for the Laplacian spread of graphs.  Milovanović, Igor; Milovanović, Emina
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