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Issue 4,  Volume 54, 2004 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

817-841 Hölder regularity for nonhomogeneous elliptic systems with nonlinearity greater than two.  Idone, Giovanna
843-854 Multipoint boundary value problems for ODEs. Part II.  Jankowski, Tadeusz
855-867 Natural operators lifting vector fields to bundles of Weil contact elements.  Kureš, Miroslav; Mikulski, Włodzimierz M.
869-882 Natural $T$-functions on the cotangent bundle of a Weil bundle.  Tomáš, Jiří
883-887 On the minus domination number of graphs.  Liu, Hailong; Sun, Liang
889-898 On domination number of 4-regular graphs.  Liu, Hailong; Sun, Liang
899-914 Function spaces on $\tau$-Corson compacta and tightness of polyadic spaces.  Bell, M.; Marciszewski, W.
915-927 Arithmetic progressions, prime numbers, and squarefree integers.  Clary, Stuart; Fabrykowski, Jacek
929-940 A note on ultrametric matrices.  Zhang, Xiao-Dong
941-947 A generalization of Lerch’s formula.  Kurokawa, Nobushige; Wakayama, Masato
949-954 A note on the oscillation of second order differential equations.  Abdullah, Hishyar Kh.
955-967 Kamenev type oscillation criteria for nonlinear difference equations.  Saker, Samir H.; Cheng, Sui Sun
969-979 Some solutions for a class of singular equations.  Altin, Abdullah; Erençin, Ayşegül
981-990 Productively Fréchet spaces.  Jordan, Francis; Mynard, Frédéric
991-1013 Cauchy problems in weighted Lebesgue spaces.  Cholewa, Jan W.; Dlotko, Tomasz
1015-1034 Some higher order complex vector functional equations.  Risteski, Ice B.
1035-1053 Generalized cardinal properties of lattices and lattice ordered groups.  Jakubík, Ján
1055-1063 On common fixed points of asymptotically nonexpansive mappings in the intermediate sense.  Huang, Jui-Chi
1065-1075 A nontrivial solution for Neumann noncoercive hemivariational inequalities.  Halidias, Nikolaos
1077-1082 Spectra of extended double cover graphs.  Chen, Zhibo
1083-1088 $\oplus$-cofinitely supplemented modules.  Çalışıcı, H.; Pancar, A.
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